Sthlm Murder Girls

Sthlm Murder Girls is the name for the musical friendship between Johanna Schneider and Philippa Pacho and at the same time an homage to the duo between Surgeon and Regis for whom they share a deep respect. The relationship between Schneider and Pacho is founded by the similarity in music taste, and the fact that there are probably few that takes music more seriously. Together they let dancefloors experience a uncompromising and suggestively dark, but always energy-building with a clear focus and a dynamic selection of killer tracks.

With Pacho in Berlin, and Schneider residing in Stockholm where she both brings DJs to Under Bron and runs her Bossmusik label, the duo meet up in the booth on a regular basis. So far they’ve conquered most of the floors in Sweden, including all the major ones in Stockholm, Malmö (Babel and Kontxt) and Gothenburg (Mythos). They’ve also played at legendary about:blank, Chalet and Arena in Berlin as well as festivals such as Yard and Norberg. They play both for the crowd and for themselves, sharing newly found records with each other, letting the floor take part in their common never-ending musical journey.

words by hugo johansson