Philippa Pacho

Pacho is born and raised in Stockholm, although she resides in Berlin since 2013. She found the love for electronic in her early adolescence, and it quickly became her passion. Closing her eyes and listening to whatever she found during her years of constant discovery. Melancholic pads and unidentifiable sounds brought her to a world of her own, that she new early on, she only shared with a few.

Pacho is a true minimalist in her approach one could say, finding the beauty in every single fragment that a track breaks apart into, something she takes to heart when digging for new tracks. To Philippa, a solid, round, and well-implemented kick-drum is imposing enough, often together with feathery hi-hats with spontaneous illusive sounds and quirky small details. But it’s always has to be done according to a simplistic modus operandi. She loves to keep the audience attentive with small changes that continues throughout the night and prefers small steaming floors to tell her story on.

Her minimal and uncompromising approach has made her a popular selector, playing at venues such as Tresor, about:blank and Sisyphos as well as becoming a resident DJ in Stockholms top establishment Under Bron. She also joins up from time to time with Esperanto-colleague Johanna Schneider, forming the duo STHLM Murder Girls.

words by hugo johansson

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