Nadja Chatti

Nadja has always had a love for music and started to utilise her passion at 2007 when she first found herself behind the decks. It wasn’t long until she gained residency at legendary Kruthuset. Chatti thrives in the borderline area between house and techno, with a sound both hard hitting and full of groove, curated and played with equal amounts of talent and playfulness. These attributes combined with a friendly and approachable personality is probably why she is one of the most well-known and most appreciated selectors in Stockholm.
Since the closing of Kruthuset, Nadja has moved a lot further, with a new home turf as a resident of Under Bron / Trädgården. She has also played festivals such as Way Out West, Sónar Stockholm, Into the Valley and Garden Festival and has played at the Boiler Room. She is also one of the founders of Esperanto, and works as a music publicist.

words by hugo johansson
photo by izabella englund

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