Maya Lourenço

Having spent her younger years among sub cultures like post rock, crust punk and synth music in Uppsala, Sweden, Maya later found her electronic passion thanks to artists such as Depeche Mode and Underground Resistance. She supports herself as a locally well-reputed acoustics and sound engineer, music producer and is now a dj since 2004.
Under the alias Lemieux, Maya has released her music on Random Island and Klasse Records and she is also one of the residents at Under Bron in Stockholm. Her music is described as deep and traveling but yet very jacking and emotional.
This is indeed an esteemed nerd who loves collecting records while bringing her 909 drum machine to the club for a spontaneous gig. In the near future you’ll hear her productions under the new Parallax Deep moniker.

words by hugo johansson
photo by izabella englund

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