Martin Kling

A record collector and a DJ of great experience, Kling is a familiar sight behind the decks all over Sweden. Utilising his collection to the fullest, Kling plays versatile sets with carefully selected tracks from his shelves. Indifferent to a certain genre, Kling still structures his sets from a point of deep groove where tracks are combined and layered in an utmost delicate manor. Touring extensively, Kling has shared the stages of the likes of Jason Lanox, Evan Baggs, The Mole and Zip.

Always with a lot of love for the crowd, Martin Kling really enjoy to see the emotion that his music instill in the people around him on one of his countless gigs. For him it’s what DJ-ing is all about, being the center of a crowd and setting the mood for a great party.

Martin Kling holds a paramount position in shaping how Sweden gets to experience music. As a promoter for the now late Gallery 2:35:1 in Stockholm and Mythos in Gothenburg as well as the Yard festival, Klings importance and personal influence over the scene truly is of enormous proportions. Recently, as one of the founders of the Halloomi-collective, he’s been responsible for merging together some of the most interesting names in the contemporary club scene of Stockholm

words by hugo johansson
photo by izabella englund

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